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Rupert's IRL Balloon Collection!

🎈 This showcase features ALL of the balloons and inflatables in my possession, which means those that are straight out of the packaging, NEVER inflated before, and those being inflated for the very 1st time! If any one of these products happens to pop, burst, or have a hole in them (meaning they can no longer be used), then they're not gonna be here. On that note: this page keeps updating, so be sure to tune in frequently to stay up to date!
Thankies! 🎈



🎈 A YELLOW 72 inch CATTEX round balloon 🎈 Uninflated


🎈 A YELLOW 72 inch CATTEX round balloon 🎈 Inflated to about 58 inches

More Inflatable Goodness is coming soon, mah fellow fuzzheads!

Placeholder Drawing Coming Soon...!